Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY R2D2 shoes

Yesterday, I made a DIY Galaxy shirt and promised to finish my R2D2 Vans. It wasn't that easy because I had to wrestle with an ugly and unruly unworthy-to-be-called-a-paintbrush. More like a malnourished cow's toothpick, maybe? Hahahaha. 

I didn't clean my shoes before painting on them because I wasn't sure if they'd turn out how I wanted them to, but they did, surprisingly. *regrets, regrets (insert #OCproblems hashtag here)*

Ladies and gentlemen (and other species from outerspace who might be stalking me), I present to you my hand-painted (more like foot-painted hahaha...I talk to myself too much :| ) R2D2 KVD Vans! Sorry, Vans, for ruining your product but Star Wars comes before you in my awesome list.

I wore my shirt today. I got too excited to have it washed beforehand. Gross, I know.

I wonder what my next project would be. I am open to suggestions! :) Leave a comment?

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