Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arch 10 bench scale model

I have finally finished making my "anti-beggar" bench scale model for Arch 10.

Last week, we were asked to sketch five different benches for three people to sit on. Guidelines stated that these benches should not be lie down-able (lol what Cai what are you saying). From my five benches, Sir Gozon picked the lightsaber (I'm such a geek, don't judge) because of its cylindrical concept. Instead of a lightsaber, I just made a super simple half-cylinder bench. 

I know the main point of this plate is supposed to be the chair, but I enjoyed making the lamp post even more. I used black paper (board), plastic, beads, ribbon, electrical tape, glue, and a balloon stick for this. 

I'm really enjoying Arki! Good choice for me. *wink*

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