Friday, May 11, 2012


I am only blogging tonight because I couldn't sleep. Either I really am getting used to sleeping at 3 in the morning or I'm just too excited for tomorrow. Well later, technically, because I am attending the orientation for freshies, shiftees, and transferees in my new college. I'm really, really happy right now. 

I know it may or it may already have shocked the world that I chose Architecture, but to be honest, I've really wanted to take this course up. Maybe I was in denial before. Long story. To cut it short, I have self-esteem issues. I always wondered what others might think of me if I told them I wanted to take up Architecture, because I wasn't really known in high school for these kinds of things. People thought I would go into business, and so did I. Now you might be wondering why I was a Psychology major. Like a lot of people I know, I didn't get in my first choice - BS Business Administration and Accountancy. 

Everybody must have thought I was shifting to BA (Not BAA, long story. Again.), because that was what I used to tell them. I thought I was already very sure of it, but I knew something was pulling me back. I've only confessed to a few people in my life that I wanted to take up Architecture but I didn't know how to draw, so I thought it was stupid. If you're judging me still, well yes okay I can draw a bit stop it okay okay thanks. Anyway, can I just give Elise Mendoza a shoutout (or whatever you call it) right now? I was talking to her about my interest in her course, but that I couldn't really draw that well, and she was the one who told me that you don't really have to be good in drawing, because they teach you. Here's a secret: That day changed my life.

I never really told my mom or any high school friend about my interest in Architecture, because I didn't know how they would react to it. I often got calls from my mom regarding my future, what I wanted to be, and I never really knew how to answer her, so she made a decision for me: to stay one more year in Psychology, and finally be the one to decide after that. So, I panicked. I was really stupid for choosing Psychology as my 2nd course. Ugh, regrets, regrets. Anyway, I sent her a message on Facebook telling her how I really felt about Psychology (that I couldn't stand one more freaking year being all depressed and lost and feeling like extremely out of place, socially exluded in Psychological terms). I also told her about Architecture (yes, it was very last minute. As in March 15++ last minute), but she was okay with it. More than okay, even. What shocked me more was that my dad was also fine with it. The first batchmate (in highschool) I told about my shifting plans was Chinnie, and she thought it was a good idea. Even Marj thought I should go for it. Anika, too. And Kara, and and and well, a lot of people. 

Can I just tell you that I have never felt this encouraged in my whole life? I would like to thank everyone who  has been supporting me since...since forever, at least. I'm glad I have you guys in my life. I really am. 

Okay I didn't know it was going to end that way, but arryt. I always knew I'd put that sail down one day. :)

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