Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting there

I sort of lost my mood to blog, but I guess this is something worth blogging. It's a dreamcatcher I made for Anika (but of course it's not for free! Hahaha). I forgot where I placed my scissors so I have to National Bookstore later and buy a new pair. Boohoo, waste of money. 

Anyway, I'll be making more of these in May, so you might want to place your orders now. And yes, I'm selling them already. If you want something like this, it's Php 299, though.

I'm about to make a blue one with five rings this time, so it's going to be quite more expensive than this one. You can order a dreamcatcher with one ring, it's going to cost Php 199 only! If you want a small one, it's fine. Just e-mail me at! :)

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