Monday, March 12, 2012

Shifting where?!

I know I always start my posts with "I haven't posted for a while..." because I'm always busy with academic and org stuff. Either that or I'm busy strolling around the streets of Manila with my friends. =))

Anyway, I'd like to share another blog of mine. Go visit! It's my final exam/project for Art Stud 2 (Art Around Us). I'm not halfway done with it yet, though. Just another time-killer, perhaps, if you're bored.

Anyway, I was about to blog about the second biggest decision I made in my life so far (next to choosing UP Diliman, that is). Since I don't really share the link to my blog anymore, I'm announcing it here.

For the past days/weeks, I've been tweeting about shifting to a different course (and college), but I don't tweet the specific course. I've been collecting enough courage for me to post this online, but my courage is only until blogging level. Don't judge me, but here goes:

Yes, you are seeing it right. I am going to shift to Architecture. The purpose why I've been concealing it from public is that I'm afraid I might not get in, and people will think I'm boasting or whatever. Well, the fuck I care about that now. 

I really thought I was interested in Management already and I was this *pinches the air* close to applying for BS Business Administration. I mean, I still am, but I'm not absolutely happy by the thought of it. Ever since first sem last year, I've found Architecture a very interesting course, and I was ashamed to admit it to my mom, or to anyone in that sense, because I don't think people in the right mind would even imagine me (The Carina Morente) taking up Architecture. 

I've shared my thoughts with a few people though, like Ninang Patti, and even Architecture students. I told them that I wanted Architecture if only I knew how to draw, and they said you didn't have to know how, because you'll learn. And those words kept Architecture at the stuck at back of my mind when I had plans to shift elsewhere, if you know what I mean.

To be honest, I was supposed to stay one more year in Psychology, just because I was still unsure if I'd shift to Business Administration or not. I never told my mom about Architecture just until early March, and I got really scared because I was not sure if both my parents would approve of the idea of suddenly just having a thought of shifting to another world in a snap of a finger. Well, maybe they viewed it that way, but it was never a snap decision for me. I've always wanted Architecture since last year, like I mentioned earlier. 

I've cried lots of times because I really didn't want to continue studying Psychology anymore, and I knew I've lost track in life. I didn't want a course that was all science or research. I thought I was meant for business, then, before I realized that Architecture was where science and art met. I also think I'd enjoy Architecture, because if you know me well, you know I like doing tedious things (kung sa Ilonggo pa, ang natawag nila nga ma-uti). 

Everyone else thinks I'm shifting to Business Administration. I'm pretty sure people will get shocked when they read this blog, but oh well. This is my life, and I know this will make me happy. :)

If you were once a confuzzled kiddo like me, just think of two things: What makes you happy and what you are good at. Do not just take a course you don't want just because it will "make you rich" after.

"Do what you love, and love what you do. Money will just come in." (Lawrence Tan, 2012).


  1. :) Excited to see you next year. GOODLUCK!!!

  2. Aww, thanks Elise! Excited to see you next year as well. :") I'm gonna be an irregular student. =))

  3. Thanks Isay! Good luck for college as well! :)