Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oblation Run

So today, I had my first experience of the oblation run (sounds so wrong, haha). So what is it exactly? It is an annual event held by several chapters of Alpha Phi Omega (APO) in different universities in the Philippines. It first started in 1977 to promote a play, Hubad na Bayani. However, it was also a protest against Marcos for banning Hubad na Bayani, because of "human rights violations". Contrary to popular belief, the Oblation Run is not the initiation for APO. To make the story short (or long!), read everything here. It's quite interesting, so you might as well click for yourself.

*Warning: Parental Guidance is recommended.

This one was the sexy guy.

Mom's advice: "Don't accept roses. You never know what they last touched."

Roses in CSSP Antas' fridge


  1. Carina, post our pictures too or send them to my email :DDD I love you. Merry Christmas! :*

  2. Hi Page. :) I'll post it on Facebook. Activate your FB na kasi! :))

  3. meron po kayong di blurry/my takip ? pasend po sa .thanks

  4. ok lang po ba?sige na po christmas naman..merry christmas po.