Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What makes you beautiful

I'm kidding about the title, okay. Anyway, this was supposed to be part of my 'What's in the bag' post, but these things weren't in my bag yesterday. Let's just say it's a 'What's in my make-up kit' post. *wink*

I love my MAC lip glosses! Good Lovin', Strange Potion, Russian Red (from Hannah Anisco), Pink Poodle, and Venetian Lustreglass.

Dr. OIL Solution, Anti-shine BB Lotion from Etude House

Lash doubling mascara from Clinique

Volumizing mascara from Etude House
Eyebrow pencil from Etude House
Eyeliner from The Face Shop

Cream eye shadow from Elf (SM Department Store! Hehe)

Angel Kiss lip and cheek tint from Etude House

BB Magic Pact from Etude House

It's cute even on the inside! Smells good, too!

Brushes from Forever21 (except for the last one)

Apricot stick from Etude House

FYI, I don't really use make-up all the time, I just like collecting pieces of it. :)

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