Monday, November 21, 2011


It's a Monday today, and Mondays are part of my weekends. I didn't want to waste another 24 hours surfing the net, so I decided to be "productive" instead. When the clock hit 11, I went out of the dorm, and for 5 hours, I've done so many things already. This is exactly why I should stop sitting around being lazy all day.

*mehehe I deleted the photo, it freaks me out, too!*

I love my Docs forever!

Had lunch at KFC...alone.

Got reprimanded at Fully Booked because it was illegal to take pictures. Too late, Mr. salesman! Hahaha! This reminded me of Marj, that's why I took a photo of it.

Lovely weather today.

Ordered a cappuccino, as usual.

Studied for Comm 3

Got a haircut! Don't mind the pimples, it's called...puberty.

Also went to the grocery to buy the stuff I needed.

Anti-frizz, yo!

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