Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goodbye Sembreak Vibes

Today was our first day of classes for the second semester. My first class was PE, and we only had a lecture at the gym. I got duckpin bowling for PE, and by the looks of it, I could feel I wouldn't enjoy the class. I feel really bad for not being able to get badminton due to conflicting classes. I get it, I get to be called stupid for enlisting it in the first place but I was desperate, okay? I'm looking for another PE class. Suggestions, perhaps? After PE class, I walked to Beach House (shoot, I didn't take a picture of it!) to cease my tummy's growling. I also accompanied Roch and Abbey for (late) lunch.

Anyway, I gave Sam a little tour in school today, and here are the souvenirs he got. The weather wasn't cooperating with us, though. :(

Roch and I got free cuts for our 2:30 classes and we didn't know what to do anymore, so Roch decided we sit on the bench outside Palma Hall (I should start calling it AS already). I love this picture of Roch!

Went to Moonleaf with Carlos before the sun went down.

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