Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I printed a 2011 calendar on a piece of paper, and stuck it on my wall. Everyday, I would mark an X to signify the end of a day and the beginning of another. Well, let me just tell you I've got 92 x's in there, which means I've been in Manila for 89 days already, minus the 3 days I spent at home.
I'm on my 13th week of classes already. No wonder it's one of, if not the busiest weeks ever! We have this Math assignment that we have to answer in a blue book and erasures will not be counted. It's "all or nothing", as Ma'am Arias would very much like to put it. Let me just tell you I was almost done with it last night, until I accidentally plotted a point on the wrong part of the plane. Just a point, and now I have to repeat everything again. I simply do not have the patience for this, but I'm not going to let laziness overcome my drive for an uno in Math. For one point, I am going to repeat everything. I can do this!
Four more weeks of classes to go, and I could again, finally enjoy the comfort of being home!

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