Sunday, December 12, 2010

When I like my blog's skin, I tend to blog more often even if I don't make sense anymore. Hello. Hahaha! Random brainstorming...

Random no. 1: I feel bad for Domz, who got mugged and held at gunpoint today. Her camera and gear were stolen. Poor Domz. She deserves a hug! >:D<

Random no. 2: I don't think I'm in my right state of mind today. Earlier, I just went out and rode the jeep without planning where to go. Midway, I thought of dropping by at the Atrium, but I missed the unloading area, so I went straight to SM City instead. If you're wondering what I did there, so am I. Nothing. That's what I did. I was there for a few minutes, braving my way through crowds. Crowds disgust me. I was supposed to meet up with Kristi, but it didn't happen. I rode a taxi home and spent P65 for absolutely nothing.

Random no. 3: I am waaay too stressed out. I still haven't started on my HCRA project. I'm done with Economics, but I am yet to memorize.

Random no. 4: My hair's getting curly again. My old hair's back. I need some taming to do!

Random no. 5: I am sleep-deprived. I slept for only 4 hours last night. Maybe that's why I'm sort of brain-dead today.

Random no. 6: I like post-its.

Random no. 7: I have run out of random thoughts.

So I guess I'm ending here.
What now?

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