Tuesday, December 14, 2010

French Cuisine

The deadline for our HCRA project is tomorrow, and I've only started making it tonight...and I'm done. I'm finally done. Having fought with the unreliable internet connection, cutting long bond paper into short, trying to control stress to avoid LBM, and having only 2 sockets beside my bed (which means I had to unplug the electric fan and I'm sweating like a lemon right now), I am happy I'm finally done!

I am proud to present to you the menu of "Rissolées et les amis" which, translated in English is "Hash Brown and friends". Taadaa! Before that, I shall tell you why I came up with this imaginary restaurant. It's a long story and it's off topic, but I'm sharing it anyway. Remember last year when Chris Brown beat up Rihanna? Well, Cheska and I were talking (or texting, rather) about that incident and sarcastically assumed that Rihanna was pregnant to a boy, Hash. Hash Brown. So, I am "Hashy" and Cheska's "Browny".HAHAHAHA. Okay, corny.

Here is the outside cover(?) of our menu. I would like to thank Jo for sponsoring the striped wrapper and bond paper, and my mom for the money used to buy the folder and tracing paper.

Here is the first page of the menu. I got this graphic from We Heart It and printed it on tracing paper, which came out really pretty. I placed it on top of plain paper with the name of the imaginary restaurant and our names printed on it.

This is the mess I made. I'm sorry, Dadong!

It looked kind of bare, so I decided to put a bow (which made it look weird).

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