Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's in the bag

This is my own (uhhh) version of What's in the bag.
1. Samsung Corby
2. Nokia XYZ (Unknown)
3. Striped purse from Artwork
4. Mediplast Bandages
5. Owl ring
6. Turquoise ring
7. Trash (See those 2 white things over there? Yes.)
8. SM Bonus wet wipes
9. Paris Hilton (shut up, I know) wallet from mom
10. Stray P1 coin
11. Stray P5 coin
12. Stray c25 coin
13. Big Ben charm from my bracelet
14. Stray P20 bill
15. The Beatles bracelet
16. Light of Glory receipt (?) (The yellow one)
17. Toy Kingdom receipt
18. Eyeshadow
19. Liquid eyeliner and mascara (two-sided)
20. Brown eyeliner
21. Lengthening mascara
22. Clear mascara (which isn't really clear anymore)
23. Lip/Cheek tint
24. Lipstick (Kristi chose this for me)
25. Make-up brush
26. Blush brush (sounds funny)
27. Two-way cake
28. Blush
29. my awesome, awesome glow-in-the-dark comb
30. Cosmetics bag from Toy Kingdom

Special thanks to Anton Quintos for letting me use his camera after disturbing his sleep.

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