Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saddest picture

Hello, Bita (this is what I call my grandmother). If only you knew how much I missed you, and how much I've been missing you. I don't know why you had to leave. I have so much things to tell you, Bita. So much.

Remember when you told me to do good in Math, just like you did when you were my age? You knew I didn't really like Math back in grade school. Guess what, it's my favorite subject now. All the problems I've solved are for you Bita. Next week, we'll be having a Math contest. I'm a chosen participant! I will make you proud, Bita. I will! In college, I will also be taking up Accountancy, just like you! :)

I miss spending time with you. I remember how we spent every weekend at the grocery, buying things we never really needed. I remember sleeping in your house without asking permission from my parents and they'd get mad. I remember dancing in front of you just to make you laugh. I remember our last conversation. I remember our last hug. I remember your voice, the warmth of your hands, everything.

I miss you, Bita. I really do.

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