Monday, September 27, 2010


I didn't even spell that right.

I think that my immersion-retreat was the best experience I’ve ever had in my whole life. I enjoyed it so much, that I could still remember what happened from beginning to end.

On the first day, I got really nervous because I wasn’t really used to doing housework. I even found it disgusting to wash dishes. When I was there already, all I did was the thing I dreaded the most – yes, you guessed it – house work. I only had two choices: to do or not to do housework. Because I knew it was time for me to change, I didn’t think twice. I chose to do my job. I washed the dishes. I got water from the well. I gave Clea a bath. I cooked. I served meals. Before the immersion, my mom used to get mad at me because our apartment used to a dumpsite during weekends. After the immersion, I washed the dishes. Until today, I do the dishes here, since we only have one helper, and we live far away from home. I also wake up earlier. I don’t need to be told to fix my things. In a deeper sense, I believe I have developed a better sense of responsibility. I may not be perfectly responsible, but I am trying my best to be even better.

My retreat experience was just as significant. First, I have learned to value the gift of silence. Although I talked at times, I also managed to control my talkativity (if there’s such a word). When I was at the refectory joining the class for meals, it felt good because everything was so peaceful, so calm. Next, it felt very relieving to be able share my life experiences and open up to my classmates, especially because everyone was on retreat mode, and nobody could judge me or have side comments. I got to know each of my classmates more, and appreciate them even more. Also, seeing everyone being reconciled with one another was very heart-warming. I felt just as happy as, if not more than, everyone else in the room.

If I had the chance to go on an immersion-retreat again, I’d go without any hesitation, but God gave me an experience as beautiful as this just once, and it will forever be cherished.

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