Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Past vs. Present

What is up with me and my attachment to the past? Well, I couldn't really say I am attached to the past, because I think the past is attached to me. Or I just am attached to the past.

I actually am a happy person. If you know me by heart, I really am. Right?

Whenever I think everything's in place, something bad really finds a way to creep me out. For instance, I was having one of those "oh-so-happy" days, when I had nothing to worry about. Then, I got to read a blog written over a year ago that made a part of me die inside.

I mean, it was written over a year ago, but why do I still suffer? Am I being haunted by my past self or am I just too obsessed about the past?

This wasn't the first time it happened.

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