Friday, September 17, 2010

Without me, you'd only be aweso!

Catharsis occurs to me everyday, I tell you. This morning, we played charades and I was forced by my groupmates to be the last person to act out. I was supposed to act out:

"To see the best side of others is a gift."
- St. Marie Eugenie

At first I was doing well, but just when I got the hang of it, fear started to creep in. I trembled in front of my classmates as fear kept gobbling every piece of confidence I had in me. So we lost (D'OH).

I didn't mean to dissapoint my groupmates. I guess it's just that my self-esteem is still under construction - or repair, to be more accurate. After all that has happened, I thought I was okay already. I thought all those bad memories had already been swept away into oblivion. Little did I know that doubt has been taking over me. They say after every earthquake is an aftershock. Am I in this state?

After CAE, I have been enjoying the rest of class (Thank you for talking to me, Miss Adrias), which is pretty cathartic, but it leaves me to reflect: Is this catharsis or is this karma?

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