Saturday, July 17, 2010


The best 12 hours of my life. I swear. I have never had this much fun - in a spiritual perspective. I think what made it even more fun was it started at 6 in the evening and ended at 6 am. I could not breathe right now. Literally. I don't know where to start! Okay, I am going to tell how my day went as I remember it. Pardon my memory, it isn't really cooperating with me, so yeah.

First I had my hair cut at Carlo Reyes. I waited there for an hour. I got so bored. Okay. Skip this part. I don't even want to talk about it. They cut my bangs in such an ugly way. But nvm, it isn't important.

Next, Arianna and I met up with Marj at SM. We watched Eclipse (though I am not a fan of Twilight) because...just because. We were supposed to be at school by 3:00 but we arrived there at 5:45 anyway. HAHAHA! The first two hours were quite boring. I can say this because if it weren't, I'd remember exactly what happened. Okay, so I wasn't really paying attention to the prayers, but I did participate in singing because it was fun. Ohyes, it was. You couldn't deny that!

But the best part was Marj and I were stalking this cute guy (HAHAHA) which was Marj's former seatmate in her old school. For more than 8 hours, all we did was try to look at him and not get caught. AND WE FAILED. A lot of times! He always looked back. He caught me staring at least 20 times. I didn't care. All I cared about was that he was cute! Okay, karat. HAHAHAHA. jk. We pitied how he was alone and out of place during the talk, so we tried talking to him. That's when we found out he was the shy-type. Which all the more makes him cuter!! OMG. He. is. just. so. cute.

Marj and I made a deal that we had to talk to him before the Taize ends and made a pinky swear. So the plan was: I would call out his name and Marj would say hi to him. Guess what happened.

Right after the mass, when he was going down the bleachers, Marj and I walked slowly so we would catch his pace. And so I called his name and he looked at me and I was nudging Marj. For about 3 seconds, it was so awkward because Marj didn't even look at him. But I forced her to, and she went "Oh! Classmate! *waves*" and he was like, "Classmate ha." OMGGGG KILIGGGG. :"> And that's about it. The entire night was worth it.

When we had to present our posters, Marj was the one who held the poster and I read the prayer. Of the 12 who presented, he only listened and watched ours. For the rest, he was tucking in his knees and putting his head down. Aww, cute! :)

Also, when the sun was already up, he was sitting at the bench near the information. Marj and I were supposed to pass by the garden of the AC school song, but we passed by the cement table and chairs instead so we would pass in front of him! HAHAHAHA! Funneh. He is so damn cute! asdasfasfdsfsdf. Gillian, Marj, Fran, China and I hung out at the other side of the info so they were right there. Right there, so close to us. YEEEEEE. :">

Did I forget to mention he kept glancing once in a while? Especially at Marj? AAAAAAAAH, KILIG. :">

Sad news: He has a girlfriend. An ugly one. I swear. :( Naaah, who cares? HAHAHAHA. At least he made us really happy, right? :)


Let's just keep this a a secret, yes?

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