Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's 9.30pm

I just noticed. Lenka's song, "Don't let me fall", sounds like a different version. It's...weird. Okaaay. I don't like it. But naaaaah, who cares?! It's not like people would stay here for the music.

Mom wants me to stop using the laptop already.

M: Enough na.
C: Okay, okay. *stays in front of the laptop for 2 more hours*

This happens everyday.

I'm waiting for a phonecall.
We're going to have a conference call again tonight.
But that's not until 11 pm.
I can't wait.

It's Micha's birthday tomorrow!
Happy birthday, Meechaaaa! :D
We've (Hannah and I) got a surprise for you!

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