Saturday, June 6, 2009

HK. :)

I arrived here from Hong Kong last night. I'm in Manila right now and I'm leaving for Roxas tomorrow morning and I'll be leaving for Iloilo when I get there. Exhausting, I know. I've got a lot of pasalubong with me and I'm pretty sure my luggage would be overweight. Good thing dad's here, too, so he could bring my err.. 6 pairs of shoes home. Or 7. Or 8. And my whole closet home, too. And my racket bag. OMG. I totally forgot I'd have to bring my notebooks with me. Oh! And the plastic wrap for my books! OHGaaad. I feel like... like... like I brought the whole house! And bought one, too! I should really get packing right now or else I'd forget to bring the more important stuff. Anyway, before packing, I'd like to share about my HK trip. It wouldn't take long, I guess. Here it goes...

I was FORCED to pack really, really light. So I packed really light and my tita had to see it. She said okay and before we left, I kinda added more stuff (HAHA). Well, a pair of sneakers and a sweater won't make a difference, right? So, yeah. Then, when we were in the airport, I ate lasagna! The end. Kidding. I haven't even started yet. Okay, so we boarded the plane and I felt like there was a pail full of excitement being splashed on me. We had lunch on the plane, and the food was sucky. It was chicken with fried rice. I hate fried rice! Especially with those gross green balls! I get goosebumps looking at them. Then when we arrived in the Airport, I felt like I was floating on air. I'm on Hong Kong. Hong Kong. Hong Kong. Then we rode the train (MTR) to Tsim Tsa Shui, where our hotel, Royal Pacific, is located. Then we checked in really fast and went out to, of course, SHOP! We (my sister and I) were each given $100, which, after going to a money changer, turned into (approximately) HK$700. I didn't spend much because I thought that was our allowance for 4 days. So I bought 1 top and 1 dress only. But I found out that was only for that day. So I shopped 'til i literally dropped. Seriously. That night, we went back to the hotel past 1 and Jo and I fell on the floor in front of the door of our room. We were so tired of walking. HAHA. The next day, we went to the magical world of Disney! I really had fun. The fireworks was so cool. Or hot. Either way. I loved riding Space Mountain even though I got scared at first and kept screaming from beginning to end. I also like the Small World ride. The dolls were so cute. I spent HK$575 in one store and HK$100 in another. So all in all, I spent HK$675. Multiply that by 7 and you'll get the peso equivalent. Or use this equation: 7x=Peso (all you have to do is substitute x with HK dollars. Do not divide both sides by 7 because you'll ruin the equation.) And it rained in Disneyland. It was also raining while we were watching the fireworks. Bummer. But I still had fun. The next day, we rode the tram. We saw the whole of Hong Kong from up there. I got really scared riding the tram 'cos I'm kinda scared of heights. But I guess it was worth it. We went to a was museum and we saw Obama, Bush, Mahatma Gandhi, Madonna, Elvis, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, The beatles, Michael Jackson, Adolf Hitler, Yao Ming, and a lot more. They all looked sooo real. My tita even got scared. Hahaha. And after that, we rode the train to Central HK and went to the night market! MORE SHOPPING! I bought 12 watches. HAHAHA. Too much for myself right? That's why I'm giving some to my friends (If I have any. Joke.) And we got really tired of walking already but we had no choice. We rode the train back and had to walk from the terminal to the hotel. It's kinda far. But then again, we had no choice. I woke up at 10 the next day. My titas left Jo and I in the hotel but allowed us to go to Esprit. So at about 11, we flew to Esprit and bought a wallet for each of us and 3 blouses, for each of us, too. But most of the clothes I bought were from Bossini. Splurggggggge. Our stuff hardly fit in our luggages. HAHA. Then we were kinda broke already so we went to the airport already and finished our money there. But I kept HK$10 'cos the HK$10 is cute. :D And so we had to say goodbye to HK. Hello again, 3rd world country. *sigh* I miss HK. I don't want to go to school. My uniforms will obviously not fit. I gained weight. A lot of weight. :|

Thank you for spending a lot of your time reading this. You just wasted a lot of minutes in your life span.:)

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