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CAE Assignment

From Ms. Simpas:

here’s the homestudy program fro CAE III. please pass to as many 3rd year students as possible. Although i can’t seem to insert the tables and graphics, that’s why there are blanks. please get a copy from your vice-president too. thanks!

For CAE III, you are expected to come up with your very own PIGGY Portfolio! Aptly named after the A(H1N1) virus, it will be a compilation of 3-4 activities that we were supposed to take up had we been in school.

A. The first page of your piggy portfolio will be about ballads. If you recall, a ballad is a narrative poem that tells stories of everyday life. Read all about it on pp. 18-21 of your violet / purple books. There are three ballads there. Two are about love or love lost, while the last one is about an everyday occurrence.

Activity: Choose one of the three ballads, and explain what you think its story is about. Since ballads are still around today (they are more popularly known as love songs), choose a modern ballad and like the ballads of old English literature, also explain what you think the story is about.

Suggestion: to save on paper, space, and ink, you can write the two ballads together on recycled bond paper. It would look like this:

Like what?


B. The next page of the portfolio will take us to the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Try to Google the complete version of the story since what we have in pp. 25-27 of our violet / purple books is only on The Death of Arthur. During the medieval times, the idea of King Arthur came about because of a lack of leadership among the noblemen. Therefore King Arthur is the epitome of good leadership, with the Excalibur as the symbol of all that is just and fair, and Camelot as the ideal kingdom where peace and harmony reigns.

Activity: On another piece of recycled bond paper, draw or illustrate what you think good leadership is all about. Describe your drawing / illustration and explain how it was inspired by the legend of King Arthur and how it can be connected to the type of leadership you think our country will need in the upcoming 2010 elections.

C. The next activity takes us to the time of Geoffrey Chaucer. With his work, the Canterbury Tales, he was able to give us an idea on how life was during the Medieval Ages. Due to his writing, he is known as the Father of English Literature. A short description and excerpt is found on pp. 29-30 of the violet / purple book. Google all about the other pilgrims and their stories.

Activity: They said that the Canterbury Tales gives us a good cross-section of English medieval society. On a piece of recycled bond paper, make 3 charts comparing 3 characters of the Canterbury Tales to 3 who you think are their counterparts in the type of people we have today. You can choose to compare them to a specific person or to a group of people. Look into their social status and possible lifestyle.

Suggestion: One of the three charts can look like this:

#1 Medieval Modern
Character The Wife of Bath vs A social butterfly / a specific person like Imelda Marcos
Social status Nobility Upper class
Lifestyle Became rich by marrying several times. Spends her time looking for the next husband… Became rich by marrying into a rich family. Tries to fit in by….

D. The last part of your piggy portfolio will be about grammar. From sentences last week, we will now go into phrases and clauses. Remember that both phrases and clauses are groups of words with an incomplete thought. The only difference is that clauses are made up of a subject and a verb. Read the different classifications on pp. 12-15 of your brown books (Linking).

Activity: On recycled bond paper, create your own sentences using the different types of phrases and clauses. Since there are 9 kinds in all, then there should be 9 sentences. Kindly underline the phrase or clause used.
For example:
1) Prepositional phrase –
I wrote my assignment on a piece of bond paper.

That covers our lessons for the week. You can add a personal touch to your portfolios by designing your own cover page. No need to put it in a folder. Enjoy making your very own PIGGY Portfolios! See you next week!

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