Saturday, January 31, 2009

Syntax Error


Kristi De Asis, for the story.
Monique Templonuevo, Kara Aguilar, Roni Robles, and yours truly, for the names.

Once upon a time in a far away town (Magbanua), while I was eating German Halo-halo (Germanelo), I accidentally pushed the Alt key (Altura) of my computer. Then in the corner (Canto) of my eye, I saw angels (Angeles) and... Father Ghost (Pedregosa). And when I blinked my eye, I was suddenly in a temple (Templonuevo), trapped in a hole (Butas) full of rubble (Robles). I was then taken by surprise by a sudden surge of electricity (Morente) that passed through my veins. Thankfully, Hero (Hierro) Aunt (Betita) was there to save me. When I entered another mystical place called Deodorant Camp (Deocampo), I was taken aback by the smell and the faces of the people who were filled with hell anger (Gelangre). Just when I was about to lose hope, Tall and Thin (Tolentino) Alpha Rock (Alparaque) came to my rescue. It used the ass (De Asis) of a shark (Patino), but it wasn't strong enough. He, then, took a hold of my grapes (Evasco) and used it to counteract the smelly spell. I met a brilliant (Brilliantes) seller (Macavinta), who gave me a Scrubhead (Escrupulo) Eagle (Aguilar), but when I held it in my hands, I felt a sudden urge to eat Barquillos (Hosillos), so I decided to let it go with "You are now Gone for Less (Gonsalez)" as my parting message. Then I saw a sailor (Saliendra) with a slingshot (Tirador). He shot my new, free friend with an olive (Our beloved adviser:)) and a ball used in playing Billiards (Biliran). After that sad incident, I had a short talk (Yap) with a stranger, who was then selling extravagant furniture (Fernandez). Out of nowhere, the Emperor approached me, and told me to enter the tower (Torres). I was surprised to know that my backstabber (Ycay) of a brother had conspired with the Emperor, and asked him to order a candid (Canindo) fight with a Chopsuey (Chusuey)-eating tiger (Tigero). He won in a heartbeat. The Emperor awarded him with the collar (Colocar) I've always wanted. I came out of the scanner (Escaner), screaming, and vowed never to come near a computer ever again.

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