Friday, January 16, 2009


After all we have said yesterday, I want to add a little more.

Mahpel - I know you never liked our class shirt. I`m sorry for that. The doodle in front wasn`t my idea. And so was the barcode. I just followed what they asked me to do. I have to admit I was hurt because everyone hated me for that. Everyone blamed ME. And about the color, there was no buegreen available. I was the one who went to the store with my dad. We went home late just because of looking for damn stores that sell Judge Tees. I had no choice but to buy the aqua colored ones. Unless PINK is a choice, too. But naah. Nobody'd ever talk to me again if I bought pink. :)) But then again, I`m sorry.

Roni Rose - WEEWEE! Sorry if I exasperate you most of the time. I`m still a kid, you know.

Crystel - Sorry if I keep on backstabbing you because you think you`re smart. You really are. :D Congratulations for getting an O in math. :D

Kara - Sorry for liking your brother. I still like him tho. :D

Belle - I`m sorry I keep singing that ding dong song in front of you and hating you for... no exact reason. I listen to you, too. We`ve been seatmates for 3 quarters already and I guess you`re not as bad as what Zchiara has mentioned [no offense, Sharky].

Kristi - Sorry for not saying sorry yesterday. And I forgive you. I read my diary the night before yesterday and daw gaga gid ko ya! The blog you wrote dated November 10 [but actual date is 9...I think.] and I found a diary entry dated November 10 and may "hypothesis" ko to nga basi hate mo ko kay something that day. And I kept reading so on until may mga sulat na ko to nga mga "proof" and "another proof" and "and another proof" until I came up to a conclusion December 12. =)) Okaaaay. I`ll just share one proof. :D It was the last day of the playfest and you were sitting in front [not with Saint Elizabeth] and Coleen wanted to sit there, too. She asked me to accompany her and we sat in front of you tapos may empty nga chair beside you pero isa lang then you told her to sit there. I was like "No! Coleen! Don`t leave meeeeeee!" And sorry for hating you that time. Kasakit lang daan sang gin ubra mo.

Btw, thanks for the baller, drool braderr.

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