Saturday, January 17, 2009

Report Card

I can`t believe I wrote a blog about how time flies so fast. I mean, that time, time really did fly so fast. But as for now, time was taking time. You do know what I mean, right? Time`s getting... slower. It`s only January 16. 2 weeks after all the new year fun and I completely forgot about that. Time doesn`t fly fast anymore. But it`s not a surprise.

I`m am soo gonna miss my home, my blog, my multiply, Y!M, aircon, and laptop. It`s quite unbelievable but I`m actually staying in the dorm for 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS! Shitbucket (I got this from The Secret Life of Bees and I think it's cute. :D)! Anyway, speaking of missing stuff, I miss my grandmother. So much. *sobs*. Okay. Back to the topic. The reason why I can't go home on Friday... I mean, I could go home on friday. It`s going back on sunday that`s gonna be hard. Thanks to Dinagyang, I won`t go home. Darrrrn. I don`t friggin know what Dinagyang even is! I know it`s a festival, but what I don`t know is what people do there(No offense, Ilonggos). The roads will be closed. Then the week after that, I won`t go home either! We have to friggin wear short shorts and soak our feet in green, dirty, slimy, lumot-y water. With friggin kois. We have to scoop out friggin water 'til the pond is empty. Taking a long shower after that is the best thing to do. Fourth quarter is so stressing.*Plucks eyelashes 'cos it's Chiruel's theory of anti-stress*.

After having finished second year, I`d have to make one of the biggest decisions ever.
I guess it`s too early to tell all of you.
Hint: the word transfer.

Actually, I won`t tell all of you.
Most wouldn`t care, actually.
So, yeah.

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